Put your BEST sales rep outside the door of every competitor ... Without physically being there. 

Your Marketing on Steroids!

Geofencing marketing allows you to serve display ads and target people in very precise areas and the places they go such as your competitor locations, convention centers, retail locations, malls, event centers, neighborhoods, crosswalks, and as small as 25 square foot locations.*Geofencing%20process*jpeg?alt=media&token=f26a1a91-cf47-41f9-8ffd-041e1ceeb742

Conversion Zone

We can measure ROI by creating a conversion zone.  

A conversion zone is your location or place of business that the prospect enters after viewing or clicking on an ad after entering one of the geofenced locations.

This will be counted as a view through conversion or a click visit.  We can measure the effectiveness of your geofencing display ads through offline physical activities.*1644088551084*1642787617535*William%252520Phillips%252520Decor%252520Marker*svg?alt=media&token=b9770512-447d-4f82-a1f7-c47a3672dc86
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